Riva Ariston 25

Riva Ariston 25 - exclusive sneak peek!

It may not look like much, but this rough sketch is a world exclusive glimpse of a proposed new boat from Riva.

It was drawn for MBY by Riva’s designer, Mauro Micheli, and as Riva CEO Ferruccio Rossi tells us on p26, is an update on the Italian marque’s classic Ariston 25.

Alongside the Aquarama, the Ariston is perhaps Riva’s best-known model and certainly one of its most popular. More than 1,000 boats were built between 1950 and 1974 with three different versions available: the original; the Ariston Cadillac; and the Super Ariston, which was fitted with up to 350hp and capable of around 42 knots. The length varied over the years too, but Riva describe the new model as a 25ft runabout. They are keeping tight-lipped about the rest of the boat, but we look forward to seeing this classic reborn.

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