Marquis 50 Sports Coupé

Marquis 50 Sports Coupé - styling so sharp you could cut yourself!

Try to guess the origins of this boat and we wouldn’t mind betting you’d settle on somewhere in Southern Europe, probably bordering the Mediterranean.

The name sounds French (and it’s pronounced ‘Markee’ in the French way), and the stylish exterior has more than a hint of Italy about it (it is the work of Italian design house Nuvolari-Lenard). In fact everything about the Marquis 420 shouts that this is a boat built for Europe, so it’s surprising to learn that Marquis Yachts are based not in Nice or La Spezia but Pilaski, Wisconsin. This archetypal Med-friendly hardtop sportscruiser with twin IPS drives and styling so sharp you could cut yourself is born in the US to the unlikeliest of parents, Carver Yachts.

Recognizing that to compete in Europe they would need a brand and a boat capable of doing battle with the likes of Azimut, Ferretti and Sunseeker, they commissioned Nuvolari-Lenard to design a new model for their premium Marquis brand that we Europeans could really get excited about. The 420 Sport Coupé is what they came up with. So how does it stack up?


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