The Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 won European Powerboat of the Year in 2015 and comes to market with a host of layout options and IPS engine choices. Jack Haines gets to grips with it in Italy

Product Overview

Cranchi 43 Eco Trawler


  • Safe, practical deck spaces
  • Brilliant foredeck
  • Variety of guest cabin configurations
  • Quiet and refined at cruise


  • Engines may struggle with a loaded boat
  • Cabin layout of our test boat not the best
  • Trim blades felt ineffective


Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 review


Price as reviewed:

£412,591.00 (base price)
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Not content with tackling just the 50ft trawler market, the Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 is the Italian yard’s attempt on the 40-45ft sector, inhabited by the likes of Bénéteau’s Swift Trawler 44 and Azimut Magellano 43.

Launched at last year’s Cannes Boat Show it has already picked up a European Powerboat of the Year award, so surely it must be doing something right?

Like its larger sibling the 43 is an IPS boat, available with IPS350, 400 or 450. Personally I think the D4 260hp-powered IPS350 version would be utterly overwhelmed by the weight of the boat so it’s the larger two engine choices that should get the tick on the options list.

Cranchi Eco Trawler 43

The flybridge is low-sided but a very comfortable place to relax

Our test boat had the twin 330hp IPS450 motors and, though it heaved itself up to 21 knots in admittedly rough conditions, with a family’s cruising stores and some fouling on the hull these motors could struggle a bit.

The handling is as laid back as the performance, with the IPS tuned to its most docile setting the 43 swings from side to side slowly with minimum lean and very little fuss. It’s not exciting but then I don’t suppose it’s meant to be.

Cranchi Eco Trawler 43

Top-hinging window allows the galley to act as a bar to serve the cockpit

What it is, is relaxing. The hull is smooth, quiet and soft-riding and the IPS engines, being tucked out back like they are, are hushed and refined. From the lower helm or the flybridge it is a relaxing boat to drive.

An issue on our test boat was trim angle. It had Humpree’s trim blades fitted and no matter how I manipulated them I found myself craning to see from the lower helm.

Of course, some adjustment on the lower helm seat would help here but Cranchi still needs to investigate whether the particular blades fitted to the test boat are best suited to the 43.

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