Nordhavn 56 Motorsailor

Nordhavn 56 Motorsailor - sailing is always an alternative

What they say: “With seven orders in the books taken sight unseen, P.A.E. is bracing for the boat to make a huge impact on the market, similar to the way the Nordhavn 46 shook up the industry when it was first introduced two decades ago.”

Clearly the mast is a serious omission from the picture but Nordhavn tell us that this is due to the boat being in transit.

Nordhavn are again appealing to the customer who wants to undertake long ocean cruises. This time, however, with the added reassurance that if something happens to the engine sailing is always an alternative that can ensure you stay on course and have a method of propulsion.

Nordhavn say: “Her efficient design will be even more noticeable on long ocean passages at slower speeds. With the engine throttled back, the propeller pitched high, and under full sail she’ll provide a quiet, comfortable, stabilized ride with constant electricity available and with phenomenal range – enough to take on the longest and toughest of ocean passages.”


Nordhavn have released the latest pictures of their Motorsailor 56 with the first boats expected to be arriving in Europe in a years time. The first seven boats have been sold in America off the plan but we can't wait to get our hands on one and compare it her esteemed siblings!


Top Speed: (engine): 10 knots
Beam: 16ft 7in (5.05m)
Length Overall: 57ft 5in (17.05m)
Engines: Lugger L1066T diesel
Boats for Sale: Nordhavn 56 boats for sale
Contact: Nordhavn Europe LtdTel: 0044 (0) 2380 456342

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