The Great Motorboat Tour Biscay challenge and route

Follow our Great Motorboat Tour Biscay as our cruising duo visit Treguier, l'Aber-Wrach, La Rochelle, Royan, Arcahon, Capbreton, Hondarribia and Santander



The challenge

Boat & Crew

The Great Motorboat Tour has returned. This time around John and Fionn take on the mighty Bay of Biscay, running down to the north coast of Spain before island-hopping back up the coast.

The videos, published on our website each week, start with a run over to Brittany as the boys consider the challenges that lie ahead in the mighty Bay. You can follow their adventure every week, port-to-port, with our exclusive video diaries, featuring some of the best slices of real boating life ever published.

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