Sonihull ECO: Reclaim your quality boating time

Nobody buys a boat dreaming about all the maintenance, cleaning and boatyard bills. Boat brands don’t sell boats with photos of boiler suits and jet washers; we buy into the dream of sunshine and relaxation.

The reality may be combination of both, but there is a product out there that can help you get your quality boating time back. Commercially-proven anti-fouling technology is now available for leisure boats.

For over a decade, Sonihull has been solving problem bio-fouling in the hard-nosed world of commercial shipping. Now, the UK-based company has developed the Sonihull ECO range of products, specifically for the leisure boating market.

With ultrasonic antifouling protection, Sonihull ECO will transform your boat’s performance and help to diminish your maintenance routine, so you can spend less time on boat maintenance and more time boating.

Sonihull ECO – Protect your boat with the power of ultrasound

Say hello to the future of anti-fouling – wave goodbye to weeds barnacles, mussels, biocides, microplastics, hull etching and the endless cycle of hoisting, jetting, cleaning…

Sonihull ECO is environmentally-friendly technology, that will keep your hull clean, reduce your fuel bills and preserve ‘as new’ boat performance.

Sonihull ECO is a fit-and-forget system that prevents bio-fouling settling on your boat or in your cooling system, helping you go further, go faster and burn less fuel.

It will also reduce your antifouling regime, and help to remove toxic chemicals and microplastics from the environment.

From family cruisers to the largest of superyachts, Sonihull ECO will improve your boat and transform your boating.

How it works

Traditional anti-fouling systems like surface paints, rely on the release of poisonous chemicals into the ocean. Sonihull ECO relies on the physics of ultrasound to keep fouling off your boat.

The Sonihull ECO ultrasound transducers are bonded to the dry side of the surface being protected. The transducers produce a microscopic pattern of increasing and decreasing pressure in the layer of water that’s touching the protected surface.

Microscopic bubbles are created as the pressure decreases and imploded as the pressure increases.

The resulting microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect, which damages surface algae and makes the surface a less inviting habitat for larger, more complex organisms to colonise.

The microscopic movement of water does not damage the protected surface and has been proven to prevent barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.

Zero poisonous environmental legacy

Unlike anti-fouling paints, Sonihull ECO provides effective bio-fouling control without biocides and without microplastics being shed into the water from ablative coatings.

It is low-cost, low-maintenance and has zero poisonous environmental legacy.

Protects inside and outside whatever your boat

From hulls, propellers and sterndrives on the outside to pipework, cooling systems and tanks on the inside, Sonihull ECO has got you covered.

From small sailing yachts and powerboats to complex superyachts, from hulls to awkward pipework, Sonihull ECO has systems and adaptors to protect any surface from unwanted bio-fouling.

Sonihull ECO works on all hull materials from steel and aluminium to FRP, GRP and carbon/kevlar composites.

N.B: Sonihull ECO depends on a good transmission of ultrasonic frequencies through the material being protected. The varying densities and voids in wooden boats act as a natural insulator of ultrasound. So, unfortunately Sonihull ECO is not suitable for antifouling applications on wooden boats.

Sonhill ECO benefits

  • Reduced costs: No etching, no surface prep, no annual cleaning, masking or re-painting. Lower your fuel bills, and keep fouling off your boat even if your moor in the water. No need for dry-stacking, dockside boat-lift or a drive-on floating dock.
  • Easy installation: No regular hoisting, no through-hull fittings, no painting. Sonihull ECO systems can be fitted whilst your boat is in the water.
  • Increased leisure time: No cleaning hard-to-reach areas, extended maintenance intervals, less downtime and reduced running costs.
  • Reduced maintenance: Clean propellers will prevent additional vibration and reduce unnecessary drivetrain wear.
  • Increased performance: Keeping hard fouling off your hull and propellers will minimise hydrodynamic drag, keeping your fuel consumption down and your boat speed up.

The history of Sonihull ECO

Sonihull ECO is the latest range of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems from green technology pioneer Sonihull. Since 2006, the company has been developing industry-leading ultrasound technology that safely prevents unwanted marine algae, weeds and molluscs from colonising hard surfaces.

With the Sonihull ECO range, the company continues to transform the way that boats can be protected from marine bio-fouling.

“Environmentally responsible anti-fouling is now a reality and together we can save the oceans, one boat at a time.”
– Darren A. Rowlands, CEO of Sonihull


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