Cockwells Titian Tender

VIDEO: Cockwells Titian Tender review

The Cockwells Titian Tender may look like a work of art but, as Nick Burnham discovers, it's a riot to drive as well

We get many emails from boat manufacturers asking us to test their latest boats. Frequently sent via a PR company or from a marketing exec, they’re usually full of flowery prose (that always includes the word ‘lifestyle’) about a ‘brand new model’ that, on closer inspection, often looks suspiciously like the previous model but with larger windows.

The email from Cockwells was somewhat different. Partly because it came directly from the man with his name above the door, Dave Cockwell. But mostly because of it’s brevity. Entitled ‘Fancy a go?’, it simply read ‘Our latest creation, we don’t have her long so please let me know’, and had a photo attached. It took us about half a second to decide that yes, we fancied a go.

A builder of custom superyacht tenders and bespoke one-off commissions, boats from Cockwells tend to be seriously high-end, but the photo suggested that he’d gone stratospheric. Catching sight of the boat at Port Pendennis Marina, it’s immediately clear that the photo didn’t do the boat justice.

Based on a concept by Rodman Whitely Dixon, with an interior designed by Cullum Bespoke, the Titian’s low profile, cold- moulded construction with teak veneer finish marries the minimalist geometric form of a Wally Power to the grace of a Riva, yet resembles neither of them. In fact, it looks completely different to anything else on the water. Read the full report in the December 2018 issue of MBY.


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