Honda BF6 Outboard Engine

Talk about top of the blocks! If you’re looking for a good amount of poke from your outboard, along with sleek engineering and excellent construction then your search is over.

Re-engineered and vastly improving on its BF5 predecessor, this nippy outboard boasts a 1.5-litre fuel tank (the biggest in its class) resulting in a very respectable range without the need for a remote tank.

The engine itself is still based on a 127cc block but with countless refinements to reduce engine noise, vibration and starting effort.

Typically, small outboards have been easy to lug around and good value for money but lacked real finesse in their performance. Honda’s BF6 powers its way onto the MBY Cool 50 by delivering the full package and producing a well engineered, smooth performer that’s easy to carry and is built to last.

Slick, efficient and user friendly – the larger carrying handles aid transportation and the redesigned tiller, gear lever and engine cowling give the whole unit a more solid, tactile feel.

Honda BF6

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MBY editor Hugo trialled the BF6 on his 3m tender and was suitably impressed. Compared to the BF5, the new model proved easier to transport, easier to start thanks to the decompression start mechanism and new rubber mounts produced less steering shake and vibration – no more numb fingers!

The Honda BF6 notched up an impressive 14.3 knots during our test on a 3m tender and was noticeably more adept at getting up on the plane with a heavy adult on board than competitors, suggesting extra torque in the pot as well.

In addition to this 6hp version, Honda’s BF range also includes BF4 and BF5 models. With all the welcome refinements and an industry-leading six-year warranty the £1,199 price tag is also great value.

Price: £1,199


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