Torqeedo Travel 1003-CS

It’s good to know that even Sir David Attenborough and his team on the miraculous Blue Planet II keep up to date with MBY’s hallowed pages! The award winning TV crew set off around the world on their filming excursions to the most remote and extreme corners of the planet and often used Torqeedo outboards during river and ocean filming – a range that MBY has long been championing.

Though we may not be deftly filming pink river dolphins, jaguars or elusive jungle animals from the water’s edge, Torqeedo’s electric outboards are just as useful for mere recreational boat owners and offer easy, almost silent cruising and cheap running costs.

Owners of electric engines never have to wrestle with heavy, often unreliable, pull-start petrol outboards. An environmentally sound choice of outboard – Torqeedo engines will not leak fuel or emissions into the water either.

The electric outboards are easy to lift, stow and carry, run almost silently and improved battery technology means they boast longer range and are now even more appealing to the boating fraternity – not least Sir Attenborough.

The latest version has the equivalent of 3hp and a new longer-lasting removable battery and has been met with high praise from MBY towers. Designed for tenders, dinghies and day boats up to 1.5 tons, the Travel 1003 CS boasts a 915 Wh battery and total weight is around 15kg.

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A green light for the MBY Cool 50, Torqeedo’s clean, quiet and effortlessness operation plus its environmental credentials is the kind of envelope-pushing invention we love to celebrate.

Like the entire Travel family, the Travel 1003 CS comes with an on-board computer and GPS showing power consumption, battery status and remaining range (time or distance). A USB socket can charge users’ phones and the TorqTrac app displays position, remaining range and estimated time of arrival on a paired smartphone and allows users to plan their passages in advance.

Price: £1,699


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