Exclusive test: 10 of the best lifejackets tested to the max

We tested 10 of the best lifejackets on the market in a full-open water test to see how quickly they fire and how comfortable they are to wear

As the season gets off to a tentative start, we thought there was no better time to test one of the most essential pieces of boating kit, which could save your life.

In our 10 of the best lifejackets test we flew out to the south coast of Mallorca where we threw our poor put-upon staff writer, Greg, in the water multiple times to test the lifejackets in open water.

We were interested in how comfortable each jacket was to wear around the boat, how easy it was to adjust, how quickly it fired and turned the casualty over in the water, how comfortable it was in the water once it had inflated and how effective and efficient all of the safety features were.

Previously, we had tested jackets in swimming pools, both heated and unheated. This time we decided these were no substitute for the real thing.

Waves, even small ones, currents and the temperature of open water can all have an effect on a casualty, so we decided the only course of action for this test was to do it off the back of a boat in a saltwater environment.

Read on to see how all ten lifejackets performed in this real world environment:

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