Exclusive test: 10 of the best lifejackets tested to the max

We tested 10 of the best lifejackets on the market in a full-open water test to see how quickly they fire and how comfortable they are to wear

Stormy LifeVest

Stormy LifeVest beforeFeatures

  • Crotch-strap: No (available with harness)
  • Light: Yes
  • Sprayhood: No
  • Harness: Yes (£77 inc with crotch-straps)
  • Firing mechanism: United Moulders UML-5
  • Fastening mechanism: Plastic buckle
  • Price: £168
  • Rating: 2/5


Unlike the other lifejackets on test, the Stormy is also a fleece-lined gilet or jacket. This made adjustment a little bit trickier but once set up the Stormy was comfortable to wear on board.

Our tester remarked that it felt just like an ordinary boat jacket. In the water, activation and casualty turning was quick at just 4.5 seconds, but with no crotch-straps the jacket did ride up a little.

Because the Stormy is a gilet/jacket it comes in sizes from XS to 3XL and getting the right size is important because once it is inflated there isn’t much room to spare.

Stormy LifeVest after

We found that it became tight under the arms despite the expansion poppers and also tight enough on the chest to restrict breathing somewhat.

The Stormy was also quite low on reflective panels and looks rather dull in the water. But it did come with a useful blanking cap to turn it from an automatic into a manual jacket, should the need arise.


This was very simple. The Stormy uses the same kit as the iZip and has a separate Velcro panel for easy access. Rearming kit: £19


It doesn’t get any easier: simply press the valve to let the air out and it’s ready to go.

Contact: Adec Marine

Tel: 020 8686 9717

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