Best life jackets, life vests, PFDs and impact vests for jet skiing

Safety should be your number one priority when jet skiing, so it’s important to wear a life jacket or life vest specifically designed for high-impact watersports...

The best life jackets for jet skiing should provide comfort, safety, and protection while allowing you to move freely. You can break this down even further by choosing a life jacket that suits your riding style.

Depending on what kind of jet ski riding you do, the type of life jacket you wear is important. For example, if you are a jet ski racer, your jacket must be able to handle hard falls without coming off. It also has to handle high-performance riding, allow for unrestricted movement, and have a proper fit.

I have many different types of life vests because I enjoy a lot of different watersports. I wear a Lotus Designs life jacket for kayaking. It’s a little bulky with its numerous pockets and style but it doesn’t impede my paddling. It wouldn’t make a good life jacket for jet skiing because of its fit and style, and it isn’t made for high-impact water sports.

When I’m on my big boat, I wear a Mustang Hydrostatic Inflatable PFD so if I fall overboard, the CO2 cartridge will automatically activate even if I’m knocked out. A life jacket like this isn’t suitable for jet skiing because of the CO2 cartridge and inflation properties. One fall, and the jacket is inflating.

With that said, when I go jet skiing, I wear a performance-style life vest. It’s sleek, fits close to my body, and has oversized arm holes so I can move freely and focus on riding. The back is vented so I don’t get super-hot, and it is a quick dry vest.

For all these reasons, if you’re looking for the best life jacket for jet skiing, you probably need the best life vest, PFD, buoyancy aid or impact vest for jet skiing instead. I’ll be using these terms interchangeably, but I’ve explained the various definitions below.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best jet ski life jackets to wear when hitting the water.

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8 of the best jet ski life jackets


Sea-Doo Freedom PFD

Best overall life jacket for jet skiing

Materials: 100% polyester, Ecoprene outer shell
Sizing: S-3XL
Color: Orange, Black, Starlight Blue, Sunburst Yellow

Reasons to buy

+ Fits well
+ Quick-dry
+ Comfortable
+ Lumbar comfort zone
+ Flexible
+ Available in Men’s and Women’s versions

Reasons to avoid

 – Could be expensive for some

We like the Sea-Doo Freedom PFD for its all-around comfort and fit.

With its low-medium price point, it is accessible to most people. The jacket is stretchy, lightweight, and dries quickly.

It provides extra foam padding to minimize the pressure on your lower back, making it the perfect all-day wearables.

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Sea-Doo Motion PFD

Best Type III jet ski life jacket for beginners

Material: Heavy-duty polyester
Sizes: S-4XL
Color: Navy, Red, High-Vis Yellow

Reasons to buy

+ Inexpensive
+ Durable
+ Large arm holes for riding comfort
+ Available in a range of size/gender options

Reasons to avoid

 – Heavy polyester material
– Slow to dry
– No D Ring for your kill switch cable

The Sea-Doo Motion PFD is a fine choice for the novice or casual rider who spends time on the lake or inland waters.

The Motion PFD does provide the safety you need and will keep you afloat if you fall off your jet ski.

It is a perfectly functional no-frills life jacket for jet skiing on a budget.

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Unlimited PWC Rush S/E Life Jacket

Best jet ski life jacket for performance riders

Material: Nylon OX/PVC rubber foam
Sizes: S-XL
Color: Black/Yellow, White/Black, Navy/Red

Reasons to buy

+ Lightweight
+ Easy on/off
+ Tight fit for racing
+ Inner pocket
+ Whistle
+ D-ring for kill switch

Reasons to avoid

 – Expensive
– Unnecessary for recreational riders

This is a top-of-the-line life jacket made for jet ski racers or an experienced PWC rider who likes to charge.

It screams fast with its streamlined look and flashy color accents.

The jacket also has the Unlimited PWC Look Fast Go-Fast tag line stitched on the back.

The Rush S/E is easy to put on and take off with its three-buckle side entry.

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Sea-Doo Explorer PFD/Life Jacket

Best life jacket for the adventurous jet ski rider

Material: Heavy-duty rip-stop nylon
Sizes: XS-4XL
Color: Green

Reasons to buy

+ Multiple pockets and attachments
+ Radio holder
+ Segmented foam back
+ Camera mount for your action camera
+ Excellent for fishing

Reasons to avoid

 – Unisex sizing; women are advised to size down
– Too many bells and whistles for the average user
– Drab colors

We like this jet ski life jacket because of its tactical features. It is specifically designed for fishermen or people who like to carry a lot of gear on their person.

I’m one of those people who want useful gear at my reach. I like to have a handheld VHF, knife, camera, and a few other essentials readily available.

This jacket provides those things. It is built for the long-haul and for those seeking adventure.

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Sea-Doo Junior Explorer PFD

Best kids jet ski life jacket

Material: Ultra-Durable ecoprene outer shell
Sizes: 50-90lbs
Color: Blue

Reasons to buy

+ Lightweight
+ Ease of movement
+ Durable
+ Inexpensive

Reasons to avoid

– Your child might quickly outgrow it

Great jacket for kids who like to move and spend a lot of time on the lake.

It has large armholes, which provide excellent comfort when zipping around on the water.

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Slippery Wetsuits Women’s Surge Neo Vest

Best women’s specific jet ski life vest

Material: Neoprene
Sizes: XS-L
Color: Mint

Reasons to buy

+ Women’s specific cut
+ V-back for custom fit
+ Segmented for excellent flexibility
+ Great for any type of riding
+ Front zip entry

Reason to avoid

 – Color
– Cut small

Slippery makes a quality product. We like the women’s specific cut of the Surge.

The two belts and buckles are low and out of the way making for trouble free riding.

Moreover, the neoprene is constructed in a way that reduces chafing.

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Sea-Doo Airflow Sunset Edition

Best jet ski life jacket for style and comfort

Material: Ecoprene
Sizes: XS-3XL
Color: High-Vis Yellow, Blue, Lava Red, Orange

Reasons to buy

+ Looks great
+ Airflow system keeps jacket off your skin
+ Extra lumbar padding
+ Quick drying
+ Versatile uses

Reasons to avoid

– Cost prohibitive for some
– Jacket is available for less without the fancy colorway

The Sea-Doo Airflow Sunset Edition is not only a nice-looking PFD, but it is functional as well.

You can wear it while riding your PWC on the waterway, and even when casting a line to do some fishing from your jet ski.

With its large armholes and stretch side panels, you can comfortably go for a paddle while wearing this life vest.

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Unlimited PWC Comfort Nylon Jacket

Best mid-range PFD for jet skiing

Material: Nylon
Sizes: XS-XL
Color: Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink

Reasons to buy

+ 4 buckles
+ Freedom to move
+ Four different colorways
+ Inner pocket
+ Versatility

Reasons to avoid

 – Unisex
– Pricey
– Longer dry time

The Comfort Nylon Jacket is a non-restrictive life jacket that you can wear for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

As well as jet skiing, it makes a great life jacket to wear when enjoying many other watersports like wakeboarding, SUP, and snorkeling.

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What to look for in the best life jackets for jet skiing

You will need a USCG approved, Type III life jacket. These jackets have a minimum buoyancy rating of 15.5 pounds, which is enough to keep your head above water. Type III jackets will not turn you face up if you fall in the water.

There are several entry styles to choose from side entry to pullover. Head to the shop and try on a bunch of different styles for fit and comfort and decide what works for you.

Purchase a PFD you can move freely in and still feel secure while on the water. Several jackets we listed come with safety whistles and D-rings for the easy attachment to your kill switch lanyard.

Your riding style is a key factor in determining the type of PFD you’ll want to buy. A recreational rider doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, unlike the adventurer who wants all the pockets.

Whether you are riding inshore or offshore is another factor. You’ll want more comfort and a jacket with an air flow mesh to keep you cooler when riding long distances. Always inspect your life vest before getting underway and make sure you allow it to completely dry out after use.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated boating page for more marine products.


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