Toy of the month: PowerRay submarine drone is the lazy man’s scuba alternative

Now you can explore below the surface without getting wet with the PowerRay submarine drone

There are no doubt plenty of sound, practical reasons to justify buying a PowerRay submarine drone, such as checking your sterngear, but let’s face it, you’re just going to use it as an amusing toy when you’re at anchor.

Personally, I’ve never had a problem embracing my inner child and I’d certainly be very happy to play with this.

It’s a submersible drone, but unlike the flying variety, this one links via a 40m cable that hooks into your smartphone or tablet, recording 4K UHD images to its SD card while streaming real time 1080P into the palm of your hand. You can take 12-megapixel photos too.

Incredibly, it’ll dive to 30m, where its built-in headlights will come in handy. It will even tell you the water temperature, its depth and fish distribution, handy for the optional fishing tackle decision.

Plus, it’s surely the ultimate lazy man’s way to go scuba diving? Prices start from €1,699.