DJI Mavic Pro Drone

When a piece of kit survives boat test after boat test and happens to produce some of the best video content on the website, you can bet it will fly high on the MBY Cool 50.

This drone not only folds down for easy transportation – incidentally, that foldability does a great job of protecting the propellers – but it’s light, produces high quality footage and is user friendly.

On test, 4K video is steady and good quality and the drone is designed to take just about anywhere. The compact body houses the 4K camera, a 12MP camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal and a nav system. It boasts a 4.3 mile (7 km) range and around 20-minutes of flight time per charge.

DJI Mavic Pro Remote

There’s no need for users to spend time attaching props before flight as they simply fold out so you’ll be ready film in minutes.

At last, we hear you cry, here is a drone that isn’t so expensive or technical that it puts everyday users off. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to launch the Mavic Pro and set up and operation is easy to follow.

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DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro weighs 743g and, when folded down and measures only 83x83x198mm. Sleek, cool and loads of fun, it has all the usual drone operational features, such as obstacle avoidance and homing return where it returns to its launch location if it goes out of range.

Easy to fly and launch from a boat and sporting a good quality gimbal-mounted 4k video camera, this drone is our camera of choice for MBY boat test videos. It critically has the portability most boat owners, outdoor enthusiasts and travellers are looking for and will pack away easily into most backpacks.

Price: £1,099

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