Ultimate 2.5hp Outboard test

MBM test the seven 2.5hp outboards that are on the market today

Suzuki 2.5hp outboard – from £583

Suzuki-DF2.5 outboard.jpgFeatures: At 13kg, the Suzuki is the winner in the weight stakes, and it’s also a good price for a mainstream brand.

We don’t like the way that the top cowling stays attached by the start cord when checking under the hood, although we have to admit it does offer protection against losing it in the water.

The Suzuki has a chunky and comfortable handle, making it the easiest to carry by a distance. We also like the external sump oil indicator that makes checking the oil so simple.

Performance: When underway, the engine suffered from some vibration, was rather noisy and took a while to reach a decent top speed, despite having a very good bollard pull.

In fact, so much longer, we had to run the test numerous times just to be sure. But the low weight, brand and good price are hard to beat, so the Suzuki gets our best buy.

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