Ultimate 2.5hp Outboard test

MBM test the seven 2.5hp outboards that are on the market today

Honda 2.5hp outboard – from £619

Ultimate 5hp Outboard testFeatures: The Honda is the only air-cooled engine on test and the only unit without a forward and neutral gear, instead relying on a centrifugal clutch to engage the propeller when the revs start to climb.

In theory this system could work well, but unfortunately our test engine had a tendency to stall when the revs dropped low enough to disengage the clutch. The Honda has a useful external oil level indicator and a comfortable carrying handle.

Performance: Although the Honda has a slightly smaller output than the others on test, you wouldn’t know it looking at the figures – it had a respectable bollard pull, top speed and acceleration.

While noise levels were similar to other engines, the air-cooled engine produced a lawnmower sound.

We found the cowling rather fiddly to replace after removal due to the requirement to locate the fixing lugs through slots in the lower cowling and, like the Suzuki, it was retained by the starter cord when removed.

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