Ultimate 2.5hp Outboard test

MBM test the seven 2.5hp outboards that are on the market today

Hidea 2.5hp Outboard – from £450

Ultimate 5hp Outboard testFeatures: It is no coincidence that the Hidea looks like the Yamaha and has very similar stats and results – it is a Yamaha copy produced in China.

To be fair, Hidea has done a reasonable job and has even included the Yamaha’s clever features, such as the tell-tale divert in reverse, the tilt lock to stop the engine flopping and the access panels in the cowling for the plug and sump drain.

Performance: Unfortunately the attractive price does come with some pitfalls. The engine doesn’t have the quality feel of the Yamaha, the cowling fits very poorly, and the test result figures just don’t reach the same levels either.

Although the noise levels were not the highest on test we all agreed the engine sounded terrible, being likened by one of the team as sounding like “a bag of spanners”.

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