Ultimate 2.5hp Outboard test

MBM test the seven 2.5hp outboards that are on the market today

Vector 2.5hp outboard – from £469

Ultimate 5hp Outboard testFeatures: The Vector 2.5hp is practically the same engine as the Hidea and is therefore another Yamaha copy. It even has a symbol that cheekily nods it head at Yamaha’s tuning fork logo.

Features wise, it is practically identical to the Hidea and most of the test figures we managed to achieve were also identical.

Performance: Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a complete set of test results for this outboard as it kept stalling, refused to restart or wouldn’t remain running.

What we can say though is that it also shared the sound qualities of the Hidea. Bear in mind it’s the same engine, so there is no reason that we can see for the slightly higher price, one that pushes the Vector very close to Suzuki money, especially because we found the Suzuki online for £499.

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