Ultimate 2.5hp Outboard test

MBM test the seven 2.5hp outboards that are on the market today

Torqeedo T1003 electric outboard – from £1449

Ultimate 5hp Outboard testFeatures: As a left-field alternative, we also looked at the T1003 electric outboard from Torqeedo. It is significantly more expensive than any of the petrol outboards on test but if you want lightweight, near-silent running and no fuel storage issues, then this is the way to go.

This motor comes with a built-in 18Ah battery which should give a range of up to 20 miles, and a 480W motor that is said to be the equivalent to a 3hp outboard.

The tiller has a useful built-in display that includes a GPS to provide speed, battery capacity, range to empty and power used. This is the only motor to feature reverse gear selected by twisting the throttle in the opposite direction, but you need to remember to engage the reverse lock first.

Performance: We were pleasantly surprised by how the Torqeedo performed. Underway it had lots of torque but it took a little while to get going, hence the average acceleration figures, and being electric it is infinitely controllable to just a few RPMs.

It is awkward to carry because it’s so long. On the plus side, the battery disconnects, so you can spread the load among two hands. The only real downside is its lengthy 15-hour recharge time.

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