Saturday slump

Despite good weather and a fantastic show numbers continue to fall


Well the figures for Saturday are in and I’m sorry to report that they are down 9% from last year, with 14598 people coming through the gates. It was hoped that the gorgeous weather on Saturday would help lift numbers but it seems the credit crunch and looming end of red diesel derogation, (despite the fact that the announcement on Friday that a 60-40 split for propulsion and domestic use has been widely accepted as good news), have combined to deter visitors.

It was inevitable but secretly we all hoped that the show would be victorious, proving once and for all that boating will conquer all.

The show was noticeably quiet yesterday so the overall figures for the weekend are not expected to be good.

Alas, all is not lost, I spoke to a couple of dealers yesterday that had sold a couple of boats and believe the visitors that are here are serious consumers. It remains to be seen if their faith is matched by sales figures.

So come on boaters, show your solidarity and let’s fight this credit crunch together. Get yourself down to Southampton for what really is a great boat show, whether you’re looking for a new boat or you just fancy a bit of fun.

Carl and Neale will be reporting on their round up of the best boats and gear later today so keep your eyes peeled.


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