Day 11 – Channel Islands & Brittany Cruise

After an early start the fleet reach Binic

Onboard control boat Blue Fin the alarm sounded at 0330 and half an hour later Time Flies had slipped and departed off into the darkness on passage to Binic. By 0430 they were well past Cap de Frehel and reported good conditions. The first boats were exiting St Cast at 0510 at first light.

Shortly after departing St Cast, Evolution 31 La Dolce Vita (pictured) reported an overheat and had shut down their single engine. Blue Fin went to assist and towed them back into the marina to investigate. Suspecting they had picked up a bag, Neale and Ryan replaced the impeller and topped up the coolant and they were good to go again. Sadly the delay meant both boats would miss the gate at Binic and would have to join the fleet on the evening tide. Blue Fin escorted La Dolce Vita to neighbouring all tides marina at St Quay Portrieux.

In the meantime everyone was now underway bound for MBM favourite, Binic. Despite a murky squally sky the sea conditions were ideal, the wind was coming off the land providing lots of shelter. Timings were critical for entering the basin and all boats were told that they must be in by 7am. Time Flies entered the basin with the fleet following closely behind. Richard and Claire had less than 30 minutes to get all the boats inside and berthed up. It was a race against time but everyone got in safely. Harbour Master Yann Barbier was on hand to help and has been an absolute star as always, even driving abandoned Time Flies crew Richard and Claire to be reunited with Blue Fin in St Quay Portrieux. Thank you so much Yann. It had been a long day and many crews had retreated back to bed, while others couldn’t resist a cheeky french cafe breakfast in town.

Yann Barbier, Harbour Master at Port de Binic

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Blue Fin and La Dolce Vita rejoined the fleet at 1800hrs – they were greeted by the Harbour Master and a round of applause from the fleet.

The Motor Boats Monthly fleet will stay the two nights in Binic as originally scheduled, but the delay at St Cast means that the cruise will now be missing out Brittany port of Paimpol, and they will visit Guernsey a day early.

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