Day 12 – Normandy cruise

It's Bastille Day in St Valery-en-Caux and the fleet is treated to a fitting fireworks display

I take it all back, the Irish-influenced band last night was actually pretty good, and Sian from Allora seemed to think so too – yes Sian, the all-seeing eye did spy you dancing!

Meanwhile, both Dignity and Aquavit seemed to be playing the how-many-people-can-you-fit-on-your-flybridge game – at one point I counted 11 people on Aquavit’s Princess 430 flybridge!


Today has been a lazy day in St Valery-en-Caux so I became washer-woman for the day, catching up with the MBM crew’s dirty laundry.

The weather today has been mixed: it began with grey skies and drizzle, before making way for sunshine and strong winds in the afternoon.

The brief bit of sunshine did inspire youngsters Zoe and Harry from Rosie D to jump in the tender with dad Graham for a quick whizz around the harbour (pictured). And the whole day was played out to a soundtrack of samba, tango and seaside ditties, which blared out from the quayside bandstand, all part of a music festival to mark Bastille Day.

Rosie D Kids-in-tender

In further Bastille Day shenanigans, the fleet has just returned from a fireworks display on the beach where I bumped into Dawne and Peter from Blue Chip who tell me they are planning to take a train along the coastline tomorrow, possibly to Dieppe.


On the way back to the boat I also spotted Mandy from Job Done, who’d temporarily misplaced her husband, with Mike and Kathy from Silver Fox.


Everyone seems to like St-Valery-en-Caux, which is just as well, as we will be spending a little longer here – heavy winds coming in will prevent us from making our Channel crossing tomorrow. Still, there are worse places to be stuck!


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