Day 13 – Irish Sea

Saturday or Sunday? That's the choice facing cruise leader Neale


Position 54° 08.84 N 004° 28.94 W Douglas Inner Harbour, Isle of Man

The forecast is changeable to say the least. Our plan for a Friday escape to Conwy has been well and truly scuppered by the weather, and now Saturday or Sunday are looking ever more likely as the days to carry us back to North Wales.

So Neale has told crews to take their portable VHFs to bed with them because at 9am tomorrow morning, he will update them as to what’s happening with the weather. If it’s a go for Saturday, we’ll make our way out under the lifting bridge and moor up on the waiting pontoon in the outer harbour.

This will mean all boats will have an opportunity to fuel, but it will also mean we might be spending the day and night rafted five deep in the outer harbour. This is due to the fact we’ll need to make an early break for Conwy early on Saturday morning to take advantage of the tides. Of course, if the forecast changes and Saturday gets rough, then we could be in the outer harbour for two nights. Only the morning will tell.

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Neale told crews of the fickle weather situation at the local yacht club, where we all gathered this evening for a meal and a few drinks. Under old maps of the Isle of Man, crews on this penultimate MBM cruise of the year enjoyed steak, scampi and chicken pies in a typically friendly yacht club atmosphere.

We also learned of the various trips made throughout the island on various forms of transport. It seems the steam train is by far and away the most popular choice for seeing this island country. The Calm Voyager crew hopes to hop on this very train tomorrow for its own tour of the island.

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Crews enjoy drinks and a meal at Douglas Yacht Club


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