Day 16 – Normandy cruise

The MBM Cruising Club fleet makes a dash for it and all boats are now safely across the Channel

Alarms went off at 4.20am on Blue Fin this morning (that’s 3.20am BST) so excuse me if I’m brief, I’m struggling to get my finger tapping to translate what my brain is trying to say at the moment.

Time Flies went out as soon as the gate in St-Valery-en-Caux opened this morning at 5am, closely followed by Portunas who were keen to make a quick exit. Richard and Claire reported some residual swell but acceptable conditions for a Channel crossing so Neale began executing his carefully constructed plan to get all the boats out in the subsequent four bridge lifts.

One advantage to cruising at such a ridiculous hour is that you get to experience some spectacular sunrises, as Sea Star will no doubt attest.


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All boats are now safely across the Channel, although Foxy Lady and Yak Yak took a break in Yarmouth before continuing their trip onto Poole.

Blue Fin is back on her home berth in Port Solent and is gleaming after being freshly cleaned, while Time Flies has been delivered back to her dealer. Likewise, Richard Poat has been delivered back to his native Guernsey.

As for the rest of the MBM crew, we’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks but we are now pooped. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed – my own bed, which after sleeping in the saloon for over two weeks, will be heavenly.

Thanks to all the participants for making it a very enjoyable and memorable cruise and we hope to see you on a future cruise.


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