Day 2 – Channel Islands & West Country 2011

After an early start the MBM fleet reaches Cherbourg

Bonjour Cherbourg

After a quick weather check, Time Flies departed Portsmouth at 6am to make a final assessment. By 7.30am the first boats were slipping their lines and heading out into the eastern Solent and across the Channel, with the rest of the fleet following behind an hour later.

It had been cloudy start to the day but the sun soon broke through and ahead there was nothing but blue skies and open sea.

Unfortunately there have been a few incidents today: Eastbourne-based boat Slip Jig picked up a net on its way down to the departure point and had to return to base and Botnia Targa Silver Fox also picked up what looked like part of a net, but luckily owner Mike was able to untangle it mid-Channel and carry on.

Silver Fox Botnia Targa 31

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Mike of Silver Fox with the remains of a discarded net

By 1pm FST, all Motor Boats Monthly fleet boats were assembled in Cherbourg and crews had the afternoon to venture into town to pick up the customary baguette, or to find eateries for later on. Moules frites were on a few people’s culinary agendas.

Since arriving in Cherbourg Crescendo II has developed an issue with a starter motor and MBM staffer Keith has hopped on to assist. A part will be sourced tomorrow from a local dealer.

A briefing was held on the pontoon at 6.30 FST regarding tomorrow’s passage to St Helier, Jersey. The plan is for the fleet to depart en masse at 11am. The weather outlook looks good for tomorrow but the team will make final checks in the morning.

Congratulations to all crews who have made their first Channel crossing today.

Main photo – the Pantaenius crew aboard Princess V45 No Stress.Read day 3’s blog
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