Day 3 Netherlands Cruise

The MBM Cruising Club fleet remains in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, for another day due to poor weather conditions off Zeebrugge

The MBM team aboard Blue Fin surfaced at 7am and after a quick weather check, Claire and Keith departed aboard Time Flies at 7.30am. As they made their way out of KYCN Marina, all was quiet and still. It was low water and the oyster catchers were tweeting as they scampered across the mudflats. The sky was overcast and grey, with small patches of blue and the sunshine seemed desperate to break through.

On the journey up the coastline Time Flies initially encountered acceptable conditions, but 20 miles on, as they drew nearer the busy industrial port of Zeebrugge the conditions worsened. The southerly wind had strengthened, with a considerable swell of up to 2m. The team reported their findings back to Neale and the passage to Delta Marina was called off.

On the return leg from Zeebrugge, the support RIB Time Flies struggled to make 10-16 knots in the bumpy, windy conditions. On their arrival back at KYCN at midday it was clear that the decision not to go was a good one. Halyards were clanking against masts and the wind was howling through the marina, and soon enough the heavens opened.

Crews now had the rest of the day to explore. Those prepared to brave the rain escaped their boats and ventured into town and beyond finding local shops and restaurants.

Day 3 at KYCN Nieuwpoort
Blustery Day – Mike & Jill Tidesend and MBM’s Keith & Neale outside the Yacht Club

At 6pm a skippers’ briefing was held on the green outside the KYCN yacht club. Neale’s plan for tomorrow has the RIB departing at 8am, to give Claire and Keith enough time to make the 20 miles again to assess the conditions off Zeebrugge. If the decision is made to go, the first of the boats will be departing Nieuwpoort at 9.30am.

There was a birthday among the fleet today, Robert of Kittiwake. Many happy returns to you Bob from the MBM team.


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