Day 4 – Channel Islands & Brittany

It was an early start for the MBM fleet but it was appreciated when we reached St Helier late this morning

49° 10.95N 002° 06.62W

In the dead of night (3.45am BST to be exact) Claire and Richard embarked on Time Flies to check conditions for our passage to St Helier. Once Neale was assured that the weather was reasonable he gave word for boats to start slipping their lines at the incomprehensible time of 6am (5am BST).

Fast forward a few hours and Neale and I were experiencing one of those rare but beautifully joyous moments in boating. The rain and grey clouds suddenly dissipated, making way for a blue sky just as we were approaching Jersey – perhaps the sunny weather we had hoped for had finally arrived. Or perhaps not. Unfortunately, no sooner had Neale ventured down below to grab his sunglasses than the sun had disappeared and we were left feeling rather cold and a little silly. Such is life.

But despite the poor weather we made it to St Helier before lunchtime. And we weren’t the only ones to reach Jersey today – Evolution, which had experienced problems with water ingress, arrived early this evening and they have just joined the rest of the fleet for a group dinner at the St Helier Yacht Club.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce to you to my new friend. At two-years-old Rosie, on board Sea Star, is the youngest member of our fleet but she assures me that she loves boating, so perhaps we can get her crewing for MBM before the fortnight is out.

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Tomorrow is a rest day in St Helier, which should give everyone the chance to get to explore Jersey before our planned departure to St Quay Portrieux on Thursday. I will keep you posted.

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Neale delivers his briefing for tomorrow’s passage to St Quay Portrieux during the group dinner at St Helier Yacht Club

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