Day 4 – Irish Sea

Another rest day in Howth for the Irish Sea fleet

Position 53° 23.36 N 006° 04.07 W Howth Marina, Ireland

Two things we learnt today: Howth is not pronounced Hooth at all. It’s actually pronounced Hoeth. And Guinness really does taste better this side of the Irish Sea.

Actually, there’s a third: never, if you can possibly help it, fill up with diesel at Howth Marina. A kinked garden hose could expel diesel faster than the pump here. It literally dribbles from the nozzle, which makes putting 400 litres in your tank an epic test of patience. Time actually stopped while we watched the fuel gauge creep agonisingly upwards.

Now the good news. Dublin is fantastic. After suffering the UK’s public transport system, travel to and around the city is refreshingly cheap (& quick). From Howth it’s a simple 20-minute ride into the centre of town, from where you can choose to hop on a tourist bus or take a tram around the city.

The much-anticipated trip to the Guinness brewery was well worth it, and they even throw in a free pint of the black stuff at a rooftop bar. You can just about make out Howth from the top.

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The weather has continued in the same one minute sun, the next rain fashion, and the forecast promises much of the same over the coming days. But conditions out in open water look like they’ll play into our hands, with nothing bigger than a force 4 predicted. So our departure from Howth at 12.30pm tomorrow shouldn’t be troubled.

It’s about a 40-mile trip to Carlingford Lough, so the fleet should arrive at around 3pm.

That’s about it. Farewell from Hooth… sorry, Hoeth.

Dublin’s famous General Post Office
The Guinness brewery


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