Day 5 – Normandy

The weather worsens in Cherbourg and another 'no go' day for the fleet

Try and try again

Position 49° 38.69 N 001° 37.25 W
Cherbourg Marina

Last night the wind characteristically and frustratingly dropped off again. However the forecast had certainly been correct for this morning; the fleet awakened by brilliant sunshine and the wind howling through the marina. But there was hope; the wind was due to die by afternoon.

As the tide turned east, Time Flies went out on its mid-morning weather assessment again. Richard and Claire reported that the conditions were far worse than the previous days. The wind was gusting southerly force 6 on their beam, which would have made an extremely uncomfortable passage to St Vaast. The decision was made, a definite no for a morning move to St Vaast. The conditions were so bad on the way back to Cherbourg Marina that the RIB was only averaged of 8-12 knots and still managed to get airborne on the occasional nasty wave. Claire and Richard plodded back into the marina salty and soaked to the skin.

At 1300 hrs at slack water, Neale went out aboard Time Flies to see whether the sea conditions were any different. Sadly they weren’t. An hour later he arrived back soaked and standing in a pool of saltwater up to his ankles. A wave had broken over the RIB washing his sunglasses clean off his face. The fleet would stay another day in Cherbourg
At the skippers briefing held at 1830 Neale announced the forecast was similar tomorrow. Rather than disrupting another day, a decision would be made first thing in the morning after studying the latest forecasts, and if the decision is a another no, it would mean crews would have a full day to explore.

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Photo Captions:
Hosing off salt water
Neale departing on Time Flies


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