Day 5 – Normandy cruise

The fleet spend a sun-kissed day in the delightful town of St Vaast la Hougue

What a beautiful day. With a rest day in St Vaast the fleet has dispersed – Attacker V went over to the nearby island, Sea Star and Fizz of Rochester were spotted pottering round town and Haylu and Slip’s Dream have been indulging in a spot of sunbathing.

Meanwhile, Allora have been entertaining Tally Ho and Richard from Evolution on the back of their boat. The sunshine (and perhaps whatever they were drinking) obviously put them in a singing mood as they then proceeded to serenade me. I felt very special – I don’t get this treatment at home!

Evolution’s Richard was in need of a bit of cheering up – his starter motor failed yesterday and he has been waiting all day for a replacement to arrive. Thankfully it has just been delivered and our man from Guernsey, Richard Poat, has just been on board fitting it. Well done Richard.

Food-wise St Vaast has been a success – the restaurant Les Fuchsias and the famous grocer Maison Gosselin, which were both recommended to us before the cruise, have both been given the thumbs up by the fleet.

 Gosselin day 5

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Many a crew have also commented that they would happily be stuck here for another day but hopefully that won’t be the case as there are plenty more delights to discover along the Normandy coastline.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave on the morning tide – the tidal gate opens at around 5.30am so it’s looking like early starts all round.

For now though we’re off for a curry on board Aquavit who have very kindly invited us over to watch the Spain and Germany match…you can take the people out of England…

Next stop Dives-sur-Mer.


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