Day 6 – Normandy cruise

We are now in Dives-sur-Mer after a flat sea crossing from St Vaast

The sun shone down on Port Guillaume in Dives-sur-Mer today where we were all moored up by 10.30am.

The day got off to an early start with alarm bells sounding at 5am – the incessant noise of the alarms on board Blue Fin were particularly unwelcome as we could still be seen (and probably heard) enjoying ourselves on board AquaVit at midnight the night before.

So with little sleep Neale began calling boats out as soon as the tidal gate opened, with Lizarah the first boat out at 5.30am. We’d nearly called out the entire fleet when the call came over the radio from Yak Yak that their engine wouldn’t start. Neale jumped on board and soon discovered that the problem lay in a faulty wire, a makeshift replacement was fitted and we were soon on our way.

On passage Claire and Richard on board Time Flies came across a pool of jellyfish while Neale and I were the recipients of a rather more unsettling sight  – fog. Nevertheless, we persevered and we soon out-ran it.


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 jellyfish day 6

On arrival in Dives-sur-Mer our plan to fuel all the boats was thwarted when the marina ran out of fuel. A diesel delivery is due in the morning so hopefully we can get everyone fuelled then.

Most of the fleet took siestas this afternoon to escape the blistering afternoon heat, like Gary and Mandy from Job Done (pictured below). I would say it’s almost too hot but I don’t want to jinx it – I’ve been waiting so long for weather like this.

 Job Done day 6

The MBM team has just got back from a delicious dinner at Le Bournat. The boats moored near us seem to be socialising well, with boats such as Sorcerer of Dart (pictured top) making the most of the mild weather by enjoying drinks in the cockpit. It took us almost an hour to get from one end of the pontoon to the other. If I’d accepted every drink I’d been offered I would be pretty drunk by now…oh hang on a minute…


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