Day 7 – Channel Islands & Brittany

The fleet make for St Quay Portrieux


48° 38.86 N 002° 49.17 W

The curse of Friday the 13th

It was another bright start to the day at Paimpol. The fleet was due to depart at 1500hrs, just before high water so crews had the morning to stock up on provisions and wander around town for the last time.

Aboard MBM’s Control Boat Blue Fin the curse of Friday the 13th had struck, after a final weather check, the laptop crucial to Cruise Leader Neale died unexpectedly. Then half an hour before the fleet were due to depart, Bavaria 37 Oxygen’s engines wouldn’t start; the diagnosis, a flat battery. The situation was quickly rectified and jump-started from another battery.

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Blue Fin and RIB Time Flies locked through first, accompanied by Lady of Weare. Shortly afterwards the lock went on free flow and all boats, orchestrated by Richard snaked their way out Paimpol basin and back out along the shallow entrance channel dodging the lobster pots.

The passage east to St Quay Portrieux was just 12 miles. The sea conditions were superb, with a slight breeze, clear blue skies and slight seas.
St Quay Portrieux’s Port d’Armor marina accessible at all-states of tide, set out from the landscape with the beach to the west and nestled behind a sea wall.

On arrival at St Quay Portrieux the fleet was welcomed and each boat was given a goodie bag each containing a bottle of wine and local tourist information. Then the Friday the 13th curse struck yet again. On the fuel berth it was slow progress and a queue was forming. Two boats had managed to take on fuel but suddenly the pump stopped working. The attendant said that it was broken and would need to be fixed by an engineer first thing tomorrow morning. Those boats requiring fuel will remain on the fuel berth overnight. The Harbour staff were very apologetic. Tomorrow is a rest day and a chance to explore the seaside town.

Photos – Leading the fleet; Broom 42 Lady of Weare in the Paimpol entrance channel outbound with the fleet behind. Guarding the entrance of St Quay, the distinctive picture-book lighthouse of Ile Harbour and marina Port d’Armor.


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