Day 7 – Normandy cruise

A spot of rain threatens to ruin our rest day in Dives-sur-Mer but the fleet don't let it dampen spirits

Today the MBM team had one priority: to get the remaining boats fuelled. However, one small spanner in the works was that by 11am the diesel delivery had still not arrived. When we asked the harbour staff when it was expected their friendly but rather vague answer was “between midday and 3pm”.

And so it has been a bit of a waiting game as the fleet have had to adjust to French time. Although it’s been a slow process, it hasn’t caused too much upset as those that wanted to, headed out for the day and refuelled later. The good news is that all boats are now fuelled, ready for our short hop to Deauville in the morning.

Christoph from the marina has been exceedingly helpful, ferrying members of the fleet from one end of the marina to the other and even acting as an emergency taxi service for Jan and Justin off Slip’s Dream who had an urgent appointment with a golf course.

There was also brief panic in the marina in the early part of the afternoon as the glorious sunshine made way for an unexpected showery spell (OK, it had been forecast but we chose to ignore that bit). Thankfully though it was only temporary and the fleet soon reassumed their preferred positions, either reclining on sunpads or knocking back beers on the quayside.

I had my own emergency to deal with, my sandal broke yesterday so I headed into Cabourg in search of a new pair. Cabourg is a lovely town with lots of clothes shops and tempting food displays. The walk along the promenade also takes you past the far-reaching beach.

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Tomorrow the plan is to set off to Deauville at about 10am – may the good weather continue.


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