Day 8 Paris

A day of rest and relaxation in Paris

Hot in the city

There was a well-deserved lie in for the fleet this morning and everyone awoke to a bright muggy morning, with the baking sun streaming through curtains.

It seems the fleet is causing quite a spectacle with the tourists and locals, attracting many onlookers.

It’s been a day of rest and exploration for crews. Pam and John of Penny Lane visited the cathedral of Notre Dame, including the steep climb to the very top of one of the bell towers, all 426 steps. David and Neil of AquaVit also did some climbing. They scaled the hill Montmartre which is 130 metres high (Montmartre means ‘mountain of the martyr’) and if that wasn’t enough, they climbed the steps to the top of the cathedral Le Sacré Coeur for the splendid views across the city. Tim and Tally of Portunas spent the day walking, visiting the Musée dur’Orsay with its collection of Impressionist paintings. And all this in scorching temperatures in excess of 36 degrees!

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Aboard Blue Fin there was an extensive job list to tackle, including an exit strategy for the fleet and various issues with boats among the fleet.

The crew of Seascrest were hoping to catch the last trip up the Eiffel Tower tonight but unfortunately they were turned away as there was a 2-hour wait.

View from the one of the Notre Dame bell towers *photo by John Frew (top), Tim and Tally aboard their Fairline Phantom 38 Portunas(middle) and Catching up on world news, the MBM team aboard AquaVit (bottom)

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