Winners of the 2019 Motor Boat Awards revealed

We celebrate the well-deserved winners of the 2019 Motor Boat Awards, as chosen by our select group of judges

Flybridges over 60ft

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Winner: Galeon 640 Fly

Galeon is innovating in a way that few other manufacturers are and the 640 is the pinnacle of its adventurous attitude to boat design. The experience of British designer Tony Castro and the exuberance of Galeon’s youthful management team results in a boat with a litany of brilliant features that are as playful as they are effective.

Why has no one thought of putting a door in the windscreen before? This seemingly small addition totally changes the way the boat fits together and it does so for the better.

The foredeck area with its adjustable seating and sliding modules is the best in class, as is the cockpit with its transformer party trick comprising a pair of folding balconies with glass panels that hover invitingly over the water. Surely all these gubbins hamper performance and make the 640 wobble like a jelly out at sea? Not the case, the 640’s basics are outstanding too and its driving manners accomplished.

There was a time when you would only buy a Galeon because it was cheaper than its rivals. Not any more, the 640 is a genuine game-changer that is built to a high standard, performs well and does things no other craft can.

Highly commended: Grand Banks 60 Fly

The 60 Fly stays true to Grand Banks’ heritage but, thanks to a new hull and IPS, moves the game on hugely in terms of dynamics.

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