From the Editor: November

I had two intriguing emails this month......

I had two intriguing emails this month: the first was from a reader asking why we wasted pages reviewing a £113,000 Sealine SC29 when there where so many bigger, more interesting boats to test; the second was from a different reader asking why we rarely bothered to review any boats costing less than £150,000.

Quite what conclusion I’m meant to draw from these two opposing views is hard to say. Clearly all of us have different budgets and different aspirations and while we do our best to keep you all happy, there are going to be occasions when
we fall wide of the mark. You only have to look at the recent debates on the magazine’s Boat Chat forum ( concerning last month’s article
on a race from Poole to Dartmouth in an Aston Martin and a Sunseeker to see
how divided opinions can be.

The big danger is that even the forums only represent a small (but undeniably vocal) proportion of our readership and before I leap to any conclusions about the kind of boats you want us to feature and the stories you’d like to read, I really need a wider spread of feedback from all of you. That’s why I’m asking you to take five minutes to fill in the readership survey form inserted in this issue of the magazine.
I know questionnaires aren’t everyone’s idea of fun but this one really matters to us. Without your feedback it’s impossible to know what we’re doing right or indeed wrong.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy our latest offering, which we believe should have something for everyone – from a chunky 30ft aft cabin cruiser to a £1.7 million Riva sportscruiser. You’re unlikely to be in the market for both of them but we like to think you’ll still be interested enough to read about them. No doubt you will soon let us know.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to clear out my email inbox and don a flakjacket in preparation.

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