Isles of Scilly

Fall in love with the British Isles all over again by discovering our pick of the best places to drop the hook.

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St Helen’s Pool, St Helen’s

Top 25 Anchorages > Isles of Scilly > St Helen’s Pool

This anchorage on the southern side of the uninhabited island of St Helen’s is idyllic, and as most boaters opt to moor in nearby St Mary’s, you should find yourself alone to savour your surroundings.

Anchor astride an invisible line joining the centre of Men-a-Vaur to the landing cairn on the southwest tip of St Helen’s Island.

Watch out for
Anchors may drag on sand, even with plenty of scope

Great for

Escaping the crowds and saying you’ve been there!

Local tip

The ruins of ancient Christian buildings are said to be on St Helen’s

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