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North Haven, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire

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This is the only anchorage on Skomer Island where landing is permitted and although there is a small fee, it’s well worth it. Skomer is a National Nature Reserve and a Marine Nature Reserve, famous for its wealth of puffins (they are even smaller and cuter in reality) so it’s a wonderful spot for any closet twitchers.

Enter North Haven close to the western shore and land on the west side of the bay on the beach or at the steps. Visitor buoys are provided and you must anchor seaward of these. Anchoring is not permitted shoreward of the buoys because of a rare bed of seagrass.

Watch out for
The reef on the east side on entry – keep well to the west of the bay

Great for
Puffin spotting and beautiful wild flowers – the best months

to visit are end of May, all of June and early July

Local tip
The Visitors Centre on Skomer has been given a makeover so you can now stay overnight on the island

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