When boat testing goes wrong: Motor Boat and Yachting’s candid outtake reel

You may think the life of a motor boat tester is all about blasting around on $1m dollar yachts in the sun, but it's not as easy as it looks

While Motor Boat and Yachting’s very own Hugo Andreae and Alex Smith are well known for producing slick yacht tour and sea trial videos we’d be lying if we said it all always went as planned.

Warning: This video contains swearing

We’ve rounded up some of the best slip ups and mistakes for a raw and unfiltered look at Motor Boat and Yachting’s dynamic duo as they pull back the curtain to reveal the less glamorous side of their boat tours and sea trial videos.

In this exclusive blooper reel, viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride of self-directed expletives, slip-ups, and frustration that only true boating aficionados can appreciate.

Each year MBY’s team produces around 150 tour and trial videos (which are viewed by almost 10 million people), so there are always going to be a few moments when things don’t quite go to plan.

So, buckle up for a ride filled with colourful language and self-directed ire. Motor Boat and Yachting’s outtake reel is an entertaining trip through the choppy waters of on-camera mishaps, proving that even the most seasoned yacht presenters can find themselves swearing at the wind – and themselves – from time to time.

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