Wokart on water

WoKart: the sportsboat catamaran water go-kart!

The agility of a go-cart, the speed of a sportsboat and the layout of a catamaran for performance: meet the WoKart!

It’s a portmanteau word that blends the words ‘water’ and ‘go-kart’.

Why so?
Because the concept is designed to blend the incredible agility of a go-kart with a fast sportsboat to give the sensation of a go-kart for the water.

How does it do that?
It has ‘a unique asymmetric catamaran layout (by Dr Albert Nazarov) for a boosted performance’, apparently. We’re told that ‘WoKart transforms water into roads and gives the feeling of driving on water, even in areas where jet craft aren’t permitted’.

Wokart on water

So it’s not a jet then?
No, it’s actually outboard powered, and the reason you can’t see it is because it’s mid-mounted in the pod just behind the driver. Putting the weight and thrust towards the middle is another thing that promotes the dynamic kart-like handling.

How powerful and fast is it?
The largest engine you can fit is a 70hp outboard, with which the WoKart is supposedly good for 40 knots, according to the manufacturer. That’s fast enough in a 3.8m boat, we’d imagine!

Wokart on water

Where is it made?
Although the WoKart is designed  in Switzerland, it’s actually built in Thailand at CMI, a multinational joint venture under the management of Cobra International.

Can I buy one?
Yes, you can. Production has now begun and they are CE approved. WoKart is advertising the price at $9,800, but that doesn’t include the engine, which needs to be sourced in the country of use.

What if I want to take a friend along with me?
You can’t, unfortunately – this model is strictly a single-seater. But fear not, a larger two-seater version is on the drawing board.



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