Amphibious car makes a splash

Amphibious car reaches speeds of up to 125mph

Why pay mooring fees for a motorboat when your car is probably faster on the water anyway? That will be a question for the buyer of Sea Lion, the world’s fastest amphibious car, which is being advertised for sale for £160,000.

Sea Lion is powered by a Mazda 13B Rotary

engine which enables it to reach speeds of more than 52 knots on the open sea and 125mph on the road. And it has the potential to be even faster – its transaxle is geared for speeds in the 180 mph range, while its water speed is currently limited only by its horse power which can be greatly increased by a change of engine.


amphibious supercar is built mainly of aluminium, with an integrated monocoque

centre section, removable side pods for floatation and cargo, and removable

fenders front and rear. Marc Witt, Sea Lion’s designer, says he is willing

to continue working with the buyer on all future modifications and will remain

available as a consultant, engineer, machinist and psychiatrist.

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