Boat Fail: Careless skipper gets the Bimini blues

In this week’s Boat Fail, an inattentive skipper gets a little too close to the local flora

When taking an inland cruise the local scenery is a key part of the attraction, but it can prove distracting, as the skipper starring in this week’s Boat Fail found out to his cost.

The video seas a Bimini day boat navigating a tricky section of river, which is littered with withered tree branches jutting ominously out of the water.

The man in charge of the Mercury outboard seems oblivious to his female crew’s concerns, as she timorously asks: “Are you sure you don’t want to go this way?”

Having got briefly stuck on a root, he fails to heed the words that will surely be ringing in his ears to this day: “Watch it, Stu!”

The ensuing crash leads to plenty of bad language, while their canine companion can only look on in bemusement as they attempt a bodged repair job on a particularly flimsy-looking canopy.

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