Boat Fail: Texan two car boat tow ends with a crunch

Towing your boat out of a slipway can be treacherous, but that’s why we have safety chains, as this week’s Boat Fail demonstrates

We’ve covered a lot of disastrous boat launches on Boat Fail, but getting your boat out of the water can be just as tricky.

In this week’s calamitous caper, a Texan boatowner clearly decided two 4×4 towcars are better than one for removing his fishing boat from the lake.

The front car’s towrope seems properly attached to the middle vehicle, but the steep angle of slipway proves too much for his boat’s flimsy coupling.

After a squeal of rubber and an alarming crunching sound, the boat comes loose and strikes his neighbour’s car.

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We must give credit to the pick-up truck owner, whose reaction to having his car pranged is admirably restrained.

He finishes off his can of beer, throws the empty can in the trunk and calmly strolls over to have what we hope is a perfectly civilised conversation about insurance details.

To see this terrible example of how not to tow a boat, click on the video below:


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