Boat Fail: Torqeedo outboard has a mind of its own

This week’s Boat Fail shows what happens when you don’t attach your outboard motor properly

When someone shouts ‘Man overboard!’ there’s a recognised procedure to follow and there’s really no need to panic – but what if you heard the cry ‘Outboard overboard!’?

This week’s Boat Fail comes courtesy of a particularly careless Torqeedo owner from Munich, who obviously didn’t pay close attention when attaching his motor while on holiday in Rimini.

The detached Torqeedo Travel not only fell off, but it kept on running in the water, creating a rather dangerous vortex of spinning blades.

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Undeterred, the owner cautiously approached in a skiff, only to see his Torqeedo shoot off and then sink to the bottom of the harbour.

A three-hour search involving a diver eventually retrieved the outboard, which was restarted and found to be still in working order.

All joking aside, Torqeedo points out that this video should serve as a powerful reminder of the need to attach a kill-cord and double-check your fastenings.


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