Dutch sailing firm launches hydrogen-powered H2C Boat

Dutch sailing organisation, Watersportverbond, has launched its first hydrogen-powered coach boat, the H2C...

Due to make its debut as a support vessel at the 2023 World Sailing Championships in the Hague, the H2C Boat has been developed in collaboration with Dutch start-up, H2 Marine Solutions.

Equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue 50R outboard motor and a 40kWh Deep Blue battery, it uses a 51 kWh hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender, ensuring a minimum of five hours operating time.

Measuring six metres in length, the H2C Boat is also capable of reaching a top speed of 24 knots, providing what the manufacturers claim is a silent and emissions-free alternative to a conventional coach boat.

A 51 kWh hydrogen fuel cell extends the operating time to at least five hours

Origins of the H2C boat

The project began when Dutch Olympic sailing coach, Jaap Zielhuis, came up with the idea during the 2018 World Championships in Denmark – and since then, several companies have been involved in bringing the project to fruition.

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They include Watersportverbond and Torqeedo, as well as distributor, De Stille Boot, the Sailing Innovation Centre, the Delft University of Technology, Intelligent Energy, Hyfly, Koedood Marine Group and the Habbeké Shipyard.

Cleaner sailing events

The development of the H2C Boat forms a part of the broader Zephyr project, which aims to prove the technical viability of a green hydrogen chain in the Dutch maritime sector. 

Founder and MD of De Stille Boot, Marcel Schaap, believes that the use of zero-emissions coach boats at major regattas will form a major element of that…

The H2C Boat could have a big part to play in the future of major sailing regattas

“The presence of hundreds of coach boats at the World Championships showcases the potential of this project in reducing the carbon footprint of sailing events.”

And Torqeedo’s CEO, Fabian Bez, is in full agreement: “Sailing is all about harnessing the power of nature, wind and waves.

“Now, the highest levels of competitive sailing can achieve the range, run time and performance they need in a coach boat – emission-free!”


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