Fun and games at the Southampton Boat Show

It’s a funny old boat show, unless you happen to be an agency girl. MBM rounds up its favourite boat show anecdotes

The boat show is always good for a bit humour, intentional or otherwise. For instance, there was the man who went aboard a boat with an American accent, got trapped in the enginebay and immediately became a Brummie.

But our favourite show stories this year centre on two particular agency girls working on the pontoons. In danger of overshadowing the boats they are supposed to be selling, so far, their exploits have included:

Being told that the throttle controls on boats were actually handbrakes and so must be regularly checked to make sure no one has let them off. On seeing one throttle pushed down, one of the dutiful ladies ran to her boss, while her colleague held the stern line.

During a general conversation about navigational equipment and the issue of compass interference, our girls were sent to stand at the stern of a boat, arms aloft, holding foil wrappers, in the hope that they could induce and be shown interference in action.

The old ones are seemingly the best, however. A request for a new bubble for a spirit level was dutifully carried out by the girls, and quickly became an industry-wide game. The dashing duo were sent from dealer to dealer, “No I haven’t got one, why don’t you try…”.

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Eventually having visited almost every exhibitor on the pontoons they were finally handed a carefully taped down box and given exacting instructions that only a trained technician should open it.

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