James Bond-style aqua jet pack heads to UK

A jet-pack which uses water to lift a person 30ft into the air will make its UK debut next year

A new personal flying device that allows you to hover up to 10m in the air will make its UK debut at the London Boat Show in 2011.


The Jetlev-Flyer, named after ‘jet levitation’, works by forcing water through downward-pointing nozzles at high pressure.

The 215hp aqua jetpack is attached to a 4-stroke engine pump by a hose, which trails behind the flyer providing continuous power for up to three hours.

It can reach speeds of up to 35kph and future versions could reach much higher altitudes and velocities, exceeding 15m and 80kph.

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In the promo video released last year, you can see the flyer taking off, hovering, shooting up into the air and performing turns.

The Jetlev-Flyer is the brainchild of Canadian engineer Raymond Li and has been in development for nine years but at over £110,000, it’s more of a millionaire’s plaything than a legitimate form of transportation.

European distributors MS Watersports GmbH foresee that the aqua jetpack could be the next trend in watersports, with Jetlevs available to hire at outdoor recreation centres around the UK.


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