Superyacht industry sees rise in iPad control technology

Recent software advancements allows the majority of superyacht owners to use on board iPad control systems

A recent rise in the use of iPad control systems on board superyachts has been noticed, as software advancements begin to make this technology more commonplace and affordable.

Since the development of the motor yacht Adastra in 2012, which can be controlled via iPad from up to 50 metres away, demand for similar wireless control systems has increased.

This is according to Daragh O’Higgins, managing director of TechWorX, a Thailand based market leader in home entertainment and IT systems on board superyachts.

“These systems consist of a central processor that connects to all the equipment you want to control,” he explains.

“It then, for example, switches the TV to the right channel, turns on the Blu-ray player and dims the lights to watch a movie by just pressing one button on the iPad. This is just one of many different scenarios you can set.”

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With smart technology on the rise, more and more superyachts are being built with iPad systems installed on board.

As tablet systems become faster and easier to install, similarly dropping in price, Daragh predicts it will be commonplace to see automation systems on all new-build superyachts.