The world’s biggest electric foiling boat is coming

Following their attention grabbing prototype, the Icon, German start-up, Tyde has released imagery of an e-foiling sports cruiser

German start-up, Tyde, has released renderings of its first proper leisure boat, an e-foiling sportscruiser called simply The Open. Billed as the world’s largest foiling electric motor yacht, this walkaround model measures 48ft 3in (14.7m) and tops out at 30 knots.

Aimed at private owners interested in the very latest sustainable boating technology, the Open’s zero-emissions drivetrain comprises a 400kWh
bank of BMW i3 batteries and twin 100kW Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motors mounted on top of the rear foil struts. These should give a cruising range of 50nm at 25-knots.

The Open’s efficiency is due to the two computer-controlled foils that lift the main hull clear of the water at cruising speed, allowing it to ‘fly’ over the surface using very little power. It will start foiling at around 17-18 knots.

The back half of the cockpit features booth dining with flanking sofas and table, a stern sunpad-sofa and bathing platform

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The other big benefit of hydrofoils is the smoothness of the ride. The foils run beneath the waves, while the hull flies above them, resulting in
a much more comfortable cruising experience. And the fact that it is powered by electric motors rather than combustion engines means it should also be exceptionally quiet and vibration free. The only downside of those fixed foils is a relatively deep draft of 6ft 5in (1.95m) in displacement mode.

Both the Icon and Open were developed in association with automotive giant BMW and its design studio spin-off Designworks.

The Open has a distinctive squared-off reverse angled prow that flares out dramatically above a razor-sharp entry point to create extra space in the bow for seating. The two-seat helm is protected by a wraparound windshield, and there is sleeping space for two and a shower compartment below decks.

Tyde has not announced pricing yet but expects to deliver the first production boats this autumn.


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