Fairline Targa 29

The handling of the smallest Targa was very impressive

The handling of the smallest Targa was very impressive. A gusty Force 5 and a steep 30in chop may not be as demanding as gale Force 8, but we are convinced the Targa 29 would also handle these conditions in its stride. The engines are ideally matched to the boat, with their impressive spread of torque making for easy handling and fast acceleration.

Down below, the designers have really excelled themselves. The layout is spacious and well planned, and the headroom is as good as on many bigger boats. There’s no evidence whatsoever of Scrooge-like budgeting just because this is the smallest Targa in the Range.

However, the Targa 29 does show signs of schizophrenia. If it were competing, its score out of ten would be: handling 9.9, accommodation 9.9, and deck 6.0. The layout of the deck is okay ­ no points dropped there ­ but the detailing is poor: it’s almost as if a different breed of designer has been responsible for the deck.

How you rate the Targa will depend on your attitude towards the shortcomings in detail around the deck. If these don’t bother you, then the rest of the Targa will impress you.


LOA 31ft 0in 9.45m

Hull Length 29ft 9in 9.07m

Beam 10ft 2in 3.10m

Draught 3ft 2in 0.97m

Air draught 8ft 9in 2.67m

Displacement 3.9 tonnes (light) 4.4 tonnes (loaded)

Fuel capacity 92 imp gal 418lt

Water capacity 41 imp gal 186lt

Engines Twin Volvo Penta KAD32DP

170hp @ 3,800rpm

x4-cylinder, 2.4lt turbo diesels

Duoprop outdrive legs, A7 propellers

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range

2,000 12.1 5.0° 3.5 3.44 253

2,500 20.1 4.5° 5.5 3.68 271

3,000 26.9 3.0° 8.7 3.09 227

3,300 30.5 3.0° 11.0 2.78 205

3,600 34.0 3.0° 13.6 2.50 184

3,900 36.0 3.0° 16.2 2.22 164

Range allows for 20% reserve,

40% fuel, 100% water, 2 crew

Sea state: steep 30in chop

Wind strength: Force 5


Maximum Speed 36.0 knots

Maximum Range 164 miles at 3,900rpm

Cruising Speed 30.5 knots

Cruising Range 205 miles at 3,300rpm

Base price Price as tested

£80,078 ex TAX £81,702 ex TAX


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Sound levels dB(A) Saloon Cockpit

Cruising @ 30.5 knots 82 86

Maximum @ 36.0 knots 83 87

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